School & Trust Details

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& Trust Details

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An academic institute should stand for dreams, building of character & skills, and defining a person’s life. At Jaipuria, we understand that the years that a student spends with us would ‘shape or break’ that individual, so there is great power and greater responsibility in the hands of the school. The purpose of Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Rasra is to prepare a new generation of responsible social leaders that will help the world at large, be proactive to meet the global challenges of the 21st century and surpass beyond the realms of the ordinary. The entire value system of the school is driven around innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. The underlying context is always that there should be the desire for excellence, zeal to go beyond the regular, and provide for growth and development of individuals and societies in the coming future. We welcome you to experience this magnificence in your city, Rasra!

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Shri Kameshwar Nath Singh

Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Rasra Campus

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I have always believed that htere is a leader in every child; and that every child has a right to realize what is in her or him. If we have to make future leaders then school are the places to help each child to discover their inner potential, acquire leadership skills and to get equipped with knowledge and capabilities. I wanted to build a school with difference. Seth M. R. Jaipuria School was a dream realized through the efforts of educational professionals from Jaipuria Schools and HLS India. I have brought both the leading instituitions on board as my idea is to build one of the best academically and psychologically sensitive school of India in our culturally rich state of Uttar Pradesh. With world-class facilities state of the art infrastructure.

We aim to provide every student an unburdened childhood, replete with positive learning experiences that enhance their creative and technical skills. The role of parents can not be overemphasized and our Team at Seth M. R. Jaipuria School is committed to partnering with parents to raise the next generation of leaders.

Entrusting your child to us, is promising the child a class of committed teachers and joyful learning. I invite you to visit our campus and interact with the school community to discover the spirit of our school and make an informed decision about your child’s future.

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Shri Ranjit Singh

Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Rasra Campus

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“An Investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin.

The primary focus of school education has shifted on; ‘Processing Information’ rather than on ‘Collecting Information’; on ‘acquiring skills’ more than on ‘acquiring knowledge’; on managing self as leader as well as a team player; on being physically fit; on being socially responsible and on being globally aware.

The school owes responsibilty of shaping the lives of students and enabling them with more lucrative career options today as it is the only instituition where they spend the most impressionable 14 years of their lives. We at SETH M. R. JAIPURIA SCHOOL, RASRA realize this mammoth responsibilty and are fully geared up in terms of a comprehensive curriculum & effective pedagogy; updated technology and state of the art infrastructure; vibrant community-school interface and continuos international exposure , to deliver the same.

At school each student is an asset therefore, we offer a broad curriculum and a range of opportunities for all our students to achieve excellence in academic, creative, social, cultural, sporting and community endeavours. We value collaborative learning, positive relationship and building capacity amongst our students to effectively allow them to engage in the world of future where problem solving, evaluating, wornking in teams, communicating, creating and innovating are not only valued concepts, but expected skills, attributes and capabilties.

A plethora of our sports activities prepare our students to use failures as stepping stones to success, Academics remains the backbone under able & continuosly trained faculty.

Always ready to work in a highly competitive environment, I am self-motivated, energetic and a professional individual with an undaunted zeal, love and passion for children and their development and invite you all to be a companion in my pursuit of excellence.

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Amitabh Mohan

(Principal Advisor)
Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Rasra Campus

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Firstly, let me begin by saying i am very proud to have the oppotunity to introduce Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Rasra to the world.

At Jaipuria, we not only teach; we empower our students. We do not train them; we equip students to stand tall in this constantly evolving world. We also lay emphasis on building values, nurturing talents and developing strong academics. For this we are making a use of the well researched Systems of Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Rasra and the long standing expertise of HLS India.

With all this and more, our excellent faculty is ready to make a centre par excellence. We look forward to enriching our school community with new families. I look forward to being the Principal Advisor of school of excellence, and on behalf of the entire staff at Seth M. R. Jaipuria School, Rasra, we look forward to the opportunity to welcoming your child and family. Together, we can accomplish great success!